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I love dumb people a lot!

28 February
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I am better than everyone at everything. I could not think as slow as you if I tried. I'm half italian, half ninja, all action. Mr. Beagle bows before my 24' biceps. I sit at home all day playing video games and working out.... Then I go to the gym and work out. I love women, and I love little girls. Especially the ones that are suckers for my "I have candy in the back of my Blazer" trick. MWAHAHAHA! I love talking about poo because I think it's hilarious but so disgusting at the same time. Poo is pretty interesting. I love violence. Anything violent is A-Ok in my books. I have a small list of people that I absolutely hate:
1. Colin Crabb
2. T.J. Orton

I also hate the majority of the McHenry population now that I think about it... Mainly due to me being smarter than them or buffer than them.
adaptation, anal cunt, anime, annoying dumb people, arch enemy, asians, backflips, badass stuff, being awesome, being better than you, being sarcastic, box framed glasses, cannibal corpse, cardboard, celldweller, chimaira, cky, computers, dancing on old people, dane cook, dave chapelle, death metal, definitely not emos, demon hunter, eating eggs, eating steak, ewoks, explosions, family guy, fear factory, female ninjas, females, fps games, funker vogt, goldeneye, good zings, goth babes, goth girls rule, goth guys suck, goth porn, group-x, halo, halo 2, hardcore anything, hate, hatebreed, having a huge peepee, headbutts to the face, heavy metal, henshin a go-go baby, hitting little kids, hot goth women, hot punk women, hot women, huge biceps, huge pecs, huge shoulders, huge triceps, ikaruga, japanese animation, ken shamrock, kicks to the face, kill bill vol. 1, kill bill vol. 2, killing zombies, killswitch engaged, kitty cats, knocking people over, lamb of god, laughing at cosplay, laughing at idiocy, lightsabers, limp bizkit, limp bizkit sucks balls, magic the gathering, marilyn manson, mean people, mick from slipknot, movies, mxc, napoleon dynamite, necrophilia, nigeria, nightcrawler, nine inch nails, ninja masters, ninjas, ninjas made of poo, not doing drugs, not drinking, not dumb women, not emos, not smoking, nunchaku, pantera, pirates, placebo, police brutality, poo, poo love, poop, pop-up blockers, porn, predators, programming, psycho mantis, punches to the face, puppy dogs, rammstein, ready steady go!, rts games, sarcasm, saying pwned and boned, scat, serial killers, simpsons, slipknot, smelling good, south park, star wars monopoly, straight edge, super mario brothers, talking in caps, techno/trance music, telekinesis, tennis, the man show, the royal tenenbaums, the rundown, tim beagle, training, ultimate fighting, ultimate fighting championship, unreal tournament 2004, video games, viewtiful joe, violence, warcraft iii, women who want me, working out, yelling at old people, zelda