angelobangelo (angelobangelo) wrote,

Hey! I remember this thing!

Well, I just got home and Emilee isn't home yet so I've decided to hop on LJ and update!

Not much is new except I went from:

35% weightlifter
65% gamer

to roughly:

90% powerlifter on a strict diet
10% ...itchy head?

I can't remember the last time I played Melee or any game on my Gamecube for that matter. Probably XML2 with Em. She sure does love Wolverine/Ironman. Not that I can blame her. Usually I'm the Juggernaut.... Bitch. So yeah, I've been really into powerlifting lately. Really no junk food except for a few days ago when I treated myself to some "red hots" (Those are hot dogs apparently). I've kind of lost touch with some people and regained touch with a few others. People I don't talk to anymore include, but are not limited to: Ryan Domianus, Adam Wykle, and Chris Brittain (It's more like he lost touch with everyone else from playing World of GayCraft Gay McGay game).

Also if you didn't know, I now also work at McHenry Fitness as well as Steak n' Shake. Yeah, that's right. I'll say this again:

Angelo Mostaccio works at a gym... with weights... and muscley-people.

I'm also planning on getting a tattoo soon. Probably of a lambda. It's hopefully going to look something like this:


I think that's a fairly good depiction of it, but Emilee said she will draw me a better picture that an artist will actually have something to go off of... I still think that's a pretty damn good lambda for internet symbols.
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