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The stapler

As most of you know, I have a stapler with an admirable quality... It will shock you upon trying to use it. It's a great contraption. Gary got it for me for my birthday. Anyway, I brought it to work the other day. Here are some funny things that happened:

Me: Have you seen our new stapler?
Kenny: No. Why?
Me: Oh, nothing. I just thought it was neat.
Kenny: *Picks it up* Why would you.... *PWNAGE*

Me: Did you get a chance to check out this stapler?
Jessica Parson: No, I didn't.
Me: I think it's kind of girly... When you use it at least
JP: Why? Is this one of those staplers that shock people?
Me: They make staplers that shock you?
JP: Yeah, I thought that OH SHIT I'M A STUPID FUCKING N00B!

Mike: What is that in your hand?
Me: A stapler...
Mike: Is it electric?
Me: No, it's not. Try it.

After Mike dropped it, it broke. I proceeded to break a sugar monkey top piece so I can jimmy-rig it for one last victim:

Mike: Did you get it working yet?
Me: Yeah, but it's a totally shitty shock now. I'm still pissed you broke it.
Mike: Haha, let me see...

Seriously... How stupid are people?

I'm a trainer now in SnS which is pretty sweet. Pay raise. Yahoo.

Here's a fun thing for you to do in traffic, which I did earlier today:
I was in the left lane, there was someone slightly behind me and in the right lane.
I saw the light ahead of us was red. I noticed that he had his right turning signal on.
I swerve into the other lane and slam on my brakes so I can stop at the light.
I allow him no room to turn on his precious red light.
He honks and turns his brights on.
The light turns green. I switch back into the left lane.

Nothing could have taken away that feeling I got... The feeling of aggrevating an innocent person. Not even his aggrevating brights.
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