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I guess you DIDN'T want a piece of the Juggernaut!

Going to the gym is fun again. I'm not sure why. I'm starting to see results from working out again and I'm pushing through my plateau that I was at before. You know what movie rocks? American Psycho. It's a classic. I watched about 7 hours of straight Ultimate Fighting Championships with Emilee today. I think she didn't like it at first, but ended up having a lot of fun. UFC rocks pretty hardcore. Ummm... I bought about $130 worth of nutritional stuff today at the GNC. Some more No-Xplode, Cell Mass, Nitrix, and Axis HT. Mortician is an awesome band, and nothing else really needs to be said. I'm sure you all know who Ronnie Coleman is. If not, run a quick Google on him and look at his awesomeness. His arm is actually my icon. Anyway, today the following conversation occured:

Me: Look at this picture of Ronnie Coleman Alyssa. He's so huge, it's amazing!
Alyssa: Ronnie Coleman... Isn't he really short?
Me: N... No. He's at least 6 foot, I'm sure.
Alyssa: Is he the guy that always says "What'chu talkin' bout'?"
Me: ... No. That's Gary Coleman. Slight difference.

My lats fucking suck. I don't even have lats at this point. They will come in time though. SnS wants me to get a picture of me doing something I enjoy so they can put it on our breakroom wall. I was thinking something along the lines of me squatting like 6 plates on the smith machine with my belt on. That'd look badass.

Also, Melee is starting to bore me. I think I play it too much. I'm going to take a bit of a break from it and just play UT2K4 and lift weights. Seriously, here's how my day goes now:

7:30 AM- Wake up and drive my dad to work. I'll get back around 9 because I drive really fast.
9 AM- Mix up some creatine if I don't plan on working out. Otherwise take an Animal Pak, and an Animal M-stak with a cup or two of water.
10 AM- Get ready for work
11 AM to 4 PM- work
4:30 PM- Gym or Jive Turkey depending on if Angst calls
5:30 PM- Hang with Emilee
10 PM- Drive Emilee home/pick up my dad
10:15 PM- Come home. Take a 2200 calorie shake and go to sleep

Seriously, it's the same thing everyday. In between those, I browse LJ and Smashboards. I might start writing articles for smashboards soon. I sent in an application and they're looking for writers. That'd give me something to do at least. I'm really tired now. Catch you on the flip side.
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