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Sure! I've got some time to kill!

Current mood: Sad... Depressed as all hell. I want to lock myself in my room and listen to Hawthorne Heights for the rest of my life while cutting myself with scissors and trying to overdose on tylenol. Fucking stupid teenagers.

Spell your first name backwards - Olegna

Story behind your name - My family is like, one-jillion percent Italian?...

How old are you - 19

Where do you live - McHenry

d e s c r i b e y o u r

Wallet - Hahaha, yeah right. Last time I owned a wallet was in elementary school... And I lost it.

Hairbrush - I don't have a hairbrush...

Toothbrush - I don't have a toothbrush... But seriously... It's just a white electric one

Jewelry worn daily - HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I don't wear jewelry. Thanks anyway, though.

Pillow cover - I have a green one and a... Flower one. Shut up, the flower one isn't that bad.

Sunglasses - I do not wear sunglasses unless I'm trying to make fun of my dad by wear like... 8 of his pairs at once and pretending to be really cool.

Favorite shirt - Probably... My Toxicity System of a Down shirt. It's just so gosu, and accents my pectorals quite nicely.

Cologne/Perfume - On rare occassions I wear Nautica Langitude/Longitude.

CD in stereo right now - I don't have a stereo. Pantera is in the car though.

Piercings - None

What are you wearing now- System of a Down shirt, blue jeans, and... socks/boxers. Same thing I've been wearing since the beginning of highschool

Wishing - Describe my wish? Well, it's basically just me being the top gamer ever. Or Mr. Olympia.

Wanting - Sleep

What will you be doing for the remainder of the day - Well, since it's technically Saturday, I'm going to Barrington to face these kids that challenged the McHenry crew to a few rounds of Melee.

Some of your favorite movies - First Blood, Dawn of the Dead (New one), American Psycho, Natural Born Killers, Evil Dead

Something you're looking forward to in the coming month - Becoming a SnS trainer

The last thing you ate - A quadruple decker sandwich. I didn't finish it though, the bowl of ice cream/peanut butter shake filled me up first.

Do you like candles - No. Candles are fucking gay

Do you like incense - No. Incense is fucking gay

Do you like the taste of blood - Yes, the taste of iron in the blood is usually covered up nicely by STD's and other diseases transferred through blood.

Do you believe in love - Sure. I mean, the definition of love isn't really set in stone or anything. You almost have to believe in love to some extent.

Do you believe in soul mates - No

Do you believe in love at first sight - I believe in thinking "Wow, you're fucking bonertastic" at first sight. Love is not something that is achieved at first sight

Do you believe in Heaven - Not really. I guess we have to go somewhere though... I'm not even sure if I believe in the soul.

Do you believe in God - A God? Yeah. The God that Christianity/most religions worship? Not necessarily

If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be- Probably a sloth. They're very cute, very slow, and I could roll him around on the ground and he wouldn't be able to defend himself because he's so slow and helpless. lawlz @ him 4 bein dum!!!1

What is the longest you've ever stay[ed] up - Probably around 28 hours

Can you eat with chopsticks - Yeah. It's challenging and fun.

What's your favorite coin - Your moms coin

What are some of your favorite candies - Your moms candy

What's something that you wish people would understand about you - How much I love winning at everything. Seriously, I fucking love it so much. No one will ever understand.

What's something you wish you could understand better - What I am supposed to do for the rest of my life

Who is someone that you really wish was still around - Jesus

Where is your favorite place to shop - I... I don't shop. Shopping is for pussies, and people who have never seen Rambo

Have any tattoos or piercings - No

What is your favorite thing to wear - System of a down shirt, blue jeans, boxers, socks.

How much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing - Probably like $40 on some cargo pants I saw in CCS.

Who is the least fashionable person you know - Probably me. Fashion is fucking gay and I don't plan on ever taking part in it

Do you match your belt with your hair color - No. I don't wear belts. Even if I did, I wouldn't make it match anything I wear. I'd actually make it not match on purpose, just to be cool

How many pairs of shoes do you own - I own 3. Two were for the dealership. Now I've quit that job, and I possess/wear one pair.

What is the worst trend you see today - We all know what I'm going to say. So I'm going to save my fingers some energy...


Have you done drugs - Drugs? No. A drug? Yes, there is a drug I have tried but it's so secretive that only Dick Tracy knows what it is!

What kind of shampoo you use - I don't know... Finesse, I think.

What are you listening to right now - My computer going "HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM".

Who was the last person that you called - Stefen

Where do you want to get married - I don't know... In a church I guess... McHenry, IL... Who the fuck cares? It's going to be a fast wedding with lots of presents, I'm going to eat all of the cake, and dancing will be BANNED! No dancing at my wedding.

How many buddies are online right now - I'm not on AIM

What would you change about yourself - My hugeness... It's never enough.

Do you send out holiday cards each year - Hahahahaha! Yes, who the hell doesn't send pieces of paper to people during the holidays? Nothing says "I care about you a lot" more than a piece of cardboard with generic/uncreative contents.

h a v e y o u e v e r

Made yourself cry to get out of trouble - No

Cried when someone died - I've known three people who have died (At least, people that were somewhat close to me) and I didn't cry at any of their funerals.

Been rejected - Oh yeah, I've been pwned.

Rejected someone - Ummm... No. WAIT! Yes! Fat Ashley from foods class! She was this 300 pound chick who would be like "U HAVE A NICE BODY! LETS GET MARRIED LOLZ @ U, I'M J/K BUT YEAH LETS HAVE FAT BABIES!" Angst and I just called her Fat Ashley all the time until she got the hint.

Used someone - Ha, oh yes

Been used - I... Maybe? I can't recall any times. I'm sure there are a few

c u r r e n t

Hair - Umm... Shaved head?

Make-up - None

interest - Sleep

Hate - Emos

Need - Muscles!

Plans for tomorrow - Melee all day tomorr... Today!

Mind frame - I'm psyching myself up for the pwnage tomorrow

Hurt - Current hurt? Hurting is for the weak. Unless you're doing 300 on calf raises and the barbell falls and breaks you in half in a twig. Then it's acceptable to take a few days off, especially since immediately after you injure your back doing that, you start doing deadlifts. Fuck me, that felt great...

In other news, here's a great story: So this lady is yelling through drive thru: "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" and other things like that. She orders, and pulls up. I see she has a baby in the passengers seat, in a childs seat. This is illegal, no? Due to airbags killing infants? Anyway, so she takes her change all pissy and stuff continuing to yell at this kid "JUST SHUT UP! BE QUIET RIGHT NOW! YOU'RE MAKING ME REALLY MAD, JUST STOP!" so I am pretty pissed that she's being such a bitch to me, but then the unthinkable happens... I give her her food, and she grabs the bag and whips it at the kid. Nails the kid right in the face, and the baby starts crying. Then she's like "OH SHUT UP!" I felt so good inside after that, I told her to have a great day, called her "ma'am", and gave her a huge smile.

I've seen a lot of sweet things in my life, but nothing tops watching this infant get beamed in the face with a Jr cheeseburger meal, followed by crying for sympathy, which was countered with the mother completely shutting the infants pleas for sympathy down... "JUST... SHUT... UP!

What a great day.

OMFG WTF EDIT???!!!!1: I've come very close to completing my Kibler Braids. If anyone wants to help me out a bit, I need will purchase the following cards off of you:
2 Shambling Swarm
1 Sulfurous Spring
2 Mesmeric Fiend
4 Bloodstained Mire or Tainted Peak (Peaks will do for now if anyone has 4)
1 Chainer's Edict

I need these and will purchase them with glee and ripping-myself-offness
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