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Guess what this post is about!

This Saturday...

Barrington vs McHenry.

We're going to their house. 29 minute drive. All are welcome.

They play Marth, Ganon, and Bowser (3 players total).

Let the pwnage begin.
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UH...ME....I want play...
Im having withdrawls.
Lets see we play, Me (marth, sheik, zelda, young link, link, gannon), Chris (fox, Luigie, gannon, some marth) Jake (peach, link) Angelo (Capt. Falcon, Jig, mewtwo maybe?, and fox your probably still good at) lol these are all the characters that we are good with. Should be alot of fun
I wanna open with Luigi and totally play like a n00b.

Miss my techs, spam the ForwardB, and never wavedash. Then mix it up if they win. I'll go Luigi, GDorf, then Fox later in the night.
These guys aren't just going to roll over and die. Two of them are really good players.

One is just mediocre, and I will say that we are for sure better than this kid. The other two however, are supposed to be around/past our level. We'll see.

My Jiggs/Mewtwo/Fox/Anything besides my Falcon probably does not have a prayer. I suggest we just stick with our mains for 1v1 to not make a fool of ourselves unless they really are just stupid n00bs. Then my Mewtwo grows hungry for blood.
I'm talking to Drew (The Marth player/kids house that we're playing at) right now. He said since there will be 7 people, they're going to try to get an 8th so we can have dual 2v2's and stuff. Apparently they take team games very seriously.

Anyway, we need to bring 3-4 controllers, and a setup (TV included...). Does anyone have a spare TV? :D
If not I can just borrow my sisters I guess. But if anyone has one, that'd be bitchin'. Actually, I can bring the TV/setup if someone else wants to drive. Anyone want to beanerpack the Camaro with 4 people, a setup, and a 20" TV? No? Ok... Your loss.
How do you know that they're at our level?

They play Bowser..
You can't just say "They play Bowser" and expect them to be bad. He also plays Falco and Roy, but he just likes Bowser the most. There are some disgusting Bowsers out there like Luke who stomps Eddie's Falcon relentlessly.
So he plays Falco, Roy, and Bowser. That tells me they play team games and nothing else.

Bowser's pretty hard to hold up in 1v1.
Bowser is unpredictable since no one plays him. I'd be careful or else you're gonna get the Bowser laugh after he 4 stocks you.
Oh and I can play whatever. Maybe if you need some comedy I'd be more than glad to come.