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Soooo... Melee?

Novermber 12 (One month from today)
HUGE tournament
Tipman wants me to come and settle the score to see who really reigns supreme between Falcon and Ganon
But I would never want to go alone... Would anyone want to come?
I'm thinking about getting a rent-a-car and driving since my Blazer would never make it and I wouldn't want to ask someone to drive unless they wanted to. :D
Maybe take a plane?! Fly?! Like birdies?! Anyway, this is a very huge tournament. I've done a mapquest, and it's a 12 hour drive.

12 hour drive for 12 hours of Melee. I'd say it's worth it's weight in gold. I'd be willing to chip in more for gas than other people. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to get lost. When I am lost, I get panicky and curl into a ball chanting "Falcon... Scared!"
It's a sad sight

Anyway, comment, discuss... I really want to go. for more information
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