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Friday, August 4th, 2006
5:48 pm
Hey! I remember this thing!
Well, I just got home and Emilee isn't home yet so I've decided to hop on LJ and update!

Not much is new except I went from:

35% weightlifter
65% gamer

to roughly:

90% powerlifter on a strict diet
10% ...itchy head?

I can't remember the last time I played Melee or any game on my Gamecube for that matter. Probably XML2 with Em. She sure does love Wolverine/Ironman. Not that I can blame her. Usually I'm the Juggernaut.... Bitch. So yeah, I've been really into powerlifting lately. Really no junk food except for a few days ago when I treated myself to some "red hots" (Those are hot dogs apparently). I've kind of lost touch with some people and regained touch with a few others. People I don't talk to anymore include, but are not limited to: Ryan Domianus, Adam Wykle, and Chris Brittain (It's more like he lost touch with everyone else from playing World of GayCraft Gay McGay game).

Also if you didn't know, I now also work at McHenry Fitness as well as Steak n' Shake. Yeah, that's right. I'll say this again:

Angelo Mostaccio works at a gym... with weights... and muscley-people.

I'm also planning on getting a tattoo soon. Probably of a lambda. It's hopefully going to look something like this:


I think that's a fairly good depiction of it, but Emilee said she will draw me a better picture that an artist will actually have something to go off of... I still think that's a pretty damn good lambda for internet symbols.

Current Mood: busy
Saturday, March 18th, 2006
10:25 am
X-men Legends 2... My house... This Tuesday, starting in the wee hours of the morning (10-11ish?).
Think of our X-men Legends 1 party with Angst, Gary, and Brittain... Then multiply it by 1,000.
Yes, it will be that good.
Who's in?

Current Mood: geeky
Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
10:05 am
Update rape
It's my birthday! Yippee.

That's pretty much all I have to say.

I saw Mike Stull in court today and he said my forearms are as big as his thighs.


My mom is hopefully getting me a bench shirt for my birthday. Should be pretty gosu.

Anyway, today is deadlifts so I best be going.

P.S. If anyone wants to get me a present, I am all out of weight gainer. You can get me the 1800 calorie or 2200 calorie shakes from GNC (The generic brand is fine). If anyone actually gets that for me... I'll laugh... Really hard.

Current Mood: excited
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
9:34 am
I'm sick
Angelo is sick. And when Angelo is sick, Angelo is sad.


My computer has been broken for a while so I haven't been been online or anything.
My dad fixed it surprisingly. He just took a board out and put it back in. I think it was our ethernet card. I'm not sure why that would interfere with my computer starting up, but... It seems to have.

Anyway, I'm going to watch cartoons while eating T.V. dinners under 1,000 blankets surrounded by pillows.

Wow, that picture is adorable. I'm going to make it my new icon until I find/take a better picture of myself.

Since I haven't done so in a while, I'd like to just publicly declare my love for Emilee really fast...

*Public declare*

I finished reading the Real Ultimate Power book. It's pretty fucking hilarious. You don't believe me? I'll bite your face off.

Current Mood: Sick, but not too bad I guess
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
4:38 am
Guess what, fellow Meleers!...
MLG Chicago is on the 17th, open to the public. 18th it is whoever places on the 17th. We should definitely go. Wife, Husband, Darkrain, the Barrington Crew we pwned, among others are going to be there. Captain Jack won the last MLG... I... Don't need to say more, do I?

If anyone's interested... We should practice a bit or... Something.

Linkz0rz: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=58873&highlight=MLG+Chicago

Holy crap... Isai's going to be there?!?!?!.11fd+

We have to goooooooooooooooooo...
Monday, December 5th, 2005
7:18 pm
The stapler
As most of you know, I have a stapler with an admirable quality... It will shock you upon trying to use it. It's a great contraption. Gary got it for me for my birthday. Anyway, I brought it to work the other day. Here are some funny things that happened:

Me: Have you seen our new stapler?
Kenny: No. Why?
Me: Oh, nothing. I just thought it was neat.
Kenny: *Picks it up* Why would you.... *PWNAGE*

Me: Did you get a chance to check out this stapler?
Jessica Parson: No, I didn't.
Me: I think it's kind of girly... When you use it at least
JP: Why? Is this one of those staplers that shock people?
Me: They make staplers that shock you?
JP: Yeah, I thought that OH SHIT I'M A STUPID FUCKING N00B!

Mike: What is that in your hand?
Me: A stapler...
Mike: Is it electric?
Me: No, it's not. Try it.

After Mike dropped it, it broke. I proceeded to break a sugar monkey top piece so I can jimmy-rig it for one last victim:

Mike: Did you get it working yet?
Me: Yeah, but it's a totally shitty shock now. I'm still pissed you broke it.
Mike: Haha, let me see...

Seriously... How stupid are people?

I'm a trainer now in SnS which is pretty sweet. Pay raise. Yahoo.

Here's a fun thing for you to do in traffic, which I did earlier today:
I was in the left lane, there was someone slightly behind me and in the right lane.
I saw the light ahead of us was red. I noticed that he had his right turning signal on.
I swerve into the other lane and slam on my brakes so I can stop at the light.
I allow him no room to turn on his precious red light.
He honks and turns his brights on.
The light turns green. I switch back into the left lane.

Nothing could have taken away that feeling I got... The feeling of aggrevating an innocent person. Not even his aggrevating brights.
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
11:34 am
Time for the inevitable update.
Ok, so... Here is an awesome conversation that took place in SnS recently between myself and a customer in drive thru:
Me: Ok, your total is *something*... Ok, thank you. Here is your Coke.
Lady: Wow... It's so big!
Me: Thank you.
Lady: ...
Me: ... I'm sorry for making this such an awkward moment...

She laughed.

I bought Murderball last night (It's first night out on DVD). Borders had one copy left and I pwned it. It's a great movie and if you don't see it within the next 10 days I'm going to punch you in the stomach. I'll be throwing random questions about the movie around on AIM, so be prepared within 10 days or suffer the consequences. Oh! And incase you didn't notice, I changed my icon to Mark Zupan because he's a super badass. He's probably one of the biggest reasons to see the movie.

Yesterday was Me/Emilee's one year and two month anniversary. Pretty sexciting. That's a hilarious typo. As Mills Lane would say, "I'll allow it." Murderball makes me want to be in a wheelchair so I can tell people to shut the fuck up when they ask me if I need help with my groceries. It really is a pretty inspiring movie.

Xbox 360... How is it, and am I going to get it? The answer: I don't know, and no. Probably not at this point since PD isn't as good as I had hoped and that was kind of the game I was really hoping would help it's launch a lot. It got really good reviews, but I just don't really care for it. I did play some Call of Duty 2 (Pwnage, anyone?) and enjoyed it. I want to play that Geometry Wars game, because I saw Emilee playing it and it looks badass. Unfortunately, I don't think they have it at Jive. I'll ask next time I'm there.

I forced Emilee to watch me play UT2k4. Thanks for making me so gosu at that game Gary/Jive Turkey! Basically I entered a TDM game with like 10 minutes left in the game, and still grabbed first place. I think she was very impressed (As most women are when you are able to pull off such an amazing feat of gosu accuracy and dodging). Gary is still better than me, but we're not very far apart that this point. I remember when Gary beat Adam, that was pretty funny. Or when Fagan beat Adam, took a screenshot, and hung it on the wall in Structured Programming. And I put up that picture of Tillerman.4k. WHAT KEN I DEW?! Oh Tillerman... Your hilarious irish accent is stunningly hilarious.

I don't know what to get for Christmas. The only thing out right now is the Xbox 360, and it's so damn expensive that I wouldn't be able to get many games for it. Suggestions would be appreciated. I'd rather not just get a stack of cards filled with money (Although I guess you can't really complain... Money's pretty sweet).

I bought Hypnotize as well. Actually Emilee bought it for me and surprised me with it. It was very kind of her... Thank you Emilee. Anyway, I'm going to do a really indepth review of the CD:

1. Attack- Really really sweet
2. Dreaming- Pretty sweet
3. Kill Rock 'n Roll- Totally awesome
4. Hypnotize- Instant Gosu, just add water
5. Stealing Society- Totally badass
6. Tentative- Infinite cool points
8. Holy Mountains- I really like this song as well
9. Vicinity of Obscenity- 2nd best song 4 teh win
10. She's Like Heroin- Hella-neat-o
11. Lonely Day- Worse than Green Day, Dashboard, Yellow Card, Prince, and Matt Damon all roled into one. This song is BAD.
12. Soldier Side- Über 1337.

There you go. That's what I call IN DEPTH. But seriously, Lonely Day is horrible.

Lastly, I've started to read House of Leaves. It's a book about a dead guy who wrote this story about a family who moved into a house that has a bigger interior than possible when examining the exterior. Example: There is a 10 foot hallway called the "five and a half minute hallway". Guess why it is called that... Yep. It takes 5.5 minutes to cross! This is all being read by a living guy who found the dead guys work, I believe. I'm still in the beginning and it's kind of tough to figure out what the hell is going on at this point. The book is cool because you have to figure certain clues and stuff out by reading the book upside down, or holding it in the mirror at specific parts. A very unique and awesome book. I'm on page 50ish right now... Out of about.... 700+? It's at least 700. Anyway, that's all for this update.

Until next time....

Keep on Tussin'in'ing...Ing.

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, November 12th, 2005
6:35 am
So... Hopefully I'm not tired tomorrow when I play Melee against the Crystal Lake crew.
I've been up ALL NIGHT playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Gamecube.
The game fucking rocks and I seriously lose track of time while playing it.
My Paladin is so fucking imba!

Also! I have a webcam now which I'm probably going to be broadcasting constant porn through. Here is a little taste of what's to come:


It's too bad my microphone wasn't on because I was making really awesome noises during that video.

Current Mood: energetic
Sunday, November 6th, 2005
1:03 am
I guess you DIDN'T want a piece of the Juggernaut!
Going to the gym is fun again. I'm not sure why. I'm starting to see results from working out again and I'm pushing through my plateau that I was at before. You know what movie rocks? American Psycho. It's a classic. I watched about 7 hours of straight Ultimate Fighting Championships with Emilee today. I think she didn't like it at first, but ended up having a lot of fun. UFC rocks pretty hardcore. Ummm... I bought about $130 worth of nutritional stuff today at the GNC. Some more No-Xplode, Cell Mass, Nitrix, and Axis HT. Mortician is an awesome band, and nothing else really needs to be said. I'm sure you all know who Ronnie Coleman is. If not, run a quick Google on him and look at his awesomeness. His arm is actually my icon. Anyway, today the following conversation occured:

Me: Look at this picture of Ronnie Coleman Alyssa. He's so huge, it's amazing!
Alyssa: Ronnie Coleman... Isn't he really short?
Me: N... No. He's at least 6 foot, I'm sure.
Alyssa: Is he the guy that always says "What'chu talkin' bout'?"
Me: ... No. That's Gary Coleman. Slight difference.

My lats fucking suck. I don't even have lats at this point. They will come in time though. SnS wants me to get a picture of me doing something I enjoy so they can put it on our breakroom wall. I was thinking something along the lines of me squatting like 6 plates on the smith machine with my belt on. That'd look badass.

Also, Melee is starting to bore me. I think I play it too much. I'm going to take a bit of a break from it and just play UT2K4 and lift weights. Seriously, here's how my day goes now:

7:30 AM- Wake up and drive my dad to work. I'll get back around 9 because I drive really fast.
9 AM- Mix up some creatine if I don't plan on working out. Otherwise take an Animal Pak, and an Animal M-stak with a cup or two of water.
10 AM- Get ready for work
11 AM to 4 PM- work
4:30 PM- Gym or Jive Turkey depending on if Angst calls
5:30 PM- Hang with Emilee
10 PM- Drive Emilee home/pick up my dad
10:15 PM- Come home. Take a 2200 calorie shake and go to sleep

Seriously, it's the same thing everyday. In between those, I browse LJ and Smashboards. I might start writing articles for smashboards soon. I sent in an application and they're looking for writers. That'd give me something to do at least. I'm really tired now. Catch you on the flip side.

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
1:15 am
I got a membership at Jive Turkey today.
It's a great place and it's teh pwnz0rz.
I played CS Source for hours, followed by a bit of Battlefield 2. Fun times for sure.
He has Xbox's and nice TV's in the back too, so if anyone wants to get Halo 2 organized, this is the place to do it.
More people should get memberships there so that we can have fun nerdy CS Source get togethers!
Friday, October 28th, 2005
10:02 am
For the first time in my life, I wish the car ride back from my dad's work was longer.
"Why?" you ask?
Three words:

Dane Cook: Retaliation

I've listened to the first CD and most of the second one. Totally gosu stuff.

Current Mood: cold
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
9:03 pm
Barrington got stomped!
That is all.

Apparently Drew is having a tournament on the 29th (Much closer than BigC's tournament, since it's at his house). Around 8 people so far (12 including us)
Tapion and Fasting (Two very decent players... One Falco, and one Falcon. Actually it's the Falcon he was talking about at his house) will be attending, so we have to go if we want to get pwned. It's going to be fun. Ready to pwn Barrington for the second time? We need some practice, though.
12:35 am
Sure! I've got some time to kill!
LameCollapse )

In other news, here's a great story: So this lady is yelling through drive thru: "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" and other things like that. She orders, and pulls up. I see she has a baby in the passengers seat, in a childs seat. This is illegal, no? Due to airbags killing infants? Anyway, so she takes her change all pissy and stuff continuing to yell at this kid "JUST SHUT UP! BE QUIET RIGHT NOW! YOU'RE MAKING ME REALLY MAD, JUST STOP!" so I am pretty pissed that she's being such a bitch to me, but then the unthinkable happens... I give her her food, and she grabs the bag and whips it at the kid. Nails the kid right in the face, and the baby starts crying. Then she's like "OH SHUT UP!" I felt so good inside after that, I told her to have a great day, called her "ma'am", and gave her a huge smile.

I've seen a lot of sweet things in my life, but nothing tops watching this infant get beamed in the face with a Jr cheeseburger meal, followed by crying for sympathy, which was countered with the mother completely shutting the infants pleas for sympathy down... "JUST... SHUT... UP!

What a great day.

OMFG WTF EDIT???!!!!1: I've come very close to completing my Kibler Braids. If anyone wants to help me out a bit, I need will purchase the following cards off of you:
2 Shambling Swarm
1 Sulfurous Spring
2 Mesmeric Fiend
4 Bloodstained Mire or Tainted Peak (Peaks will do for now if anyone has 4)
1 Chainer's Edict

I need these and will purchase them with glee and ripping-myself-offness

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
5:09 pm
Guess what this post is about!
This Saturday...

Barrington vs McHenry.

We're going to their house. 29 minute drive. All are welcome.

They play Marth, Ganon, and Bowser (3 players total).

Let the pwnage begin.

Current Mood: content
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
1:12 am
What is a badass buff guy to do?... Huge rant? Definitely
So, it's time for a post that isn't about Melee tournaments.

I just got back from Emilee's house and felt like updating a bit about my life for those of you who do not see me often anymore (Which is pretty much every human being on the planet). I'm at the top of my Melee game, which is kind of good. I feel like my Melee practice is for nothing. All I do is play the same 3 people all the time. I want some variety, some challenge in a way. I want to go to tournaments, get some vids on the hub... Some recognition for my skills, if you will.

So I'm not really going to play Melee anymore. I'll play now and then with anyone who wants to get pwned, but I'm definitely not going to practice by myself like I used to. It just seems like a waste of time. So what do I do with all of this free time? The gym! But with whom... Angst and Brittain are really my only options since everyone else is overweight and doesn't seem to care. Your body being the only thing you're going to have for the rest of your life, you should definitely take care of it. Anyway, metal is still the best genre of music ever... Some techno is decent too. Like Prodigy, and such. I'm planning to get really huge by any means necessary. I also plan on weighing around 200 pounds within 6 months. I'm up to 155 now, which is 10 pounds heavier in a few weeks because of my 2200 calorie shakes. I bought a badass Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, it's by Arnold. It's a good read, about 750 pages. I obviously haven't read it yet, but I will in time.

So, the friend situation with Angelo? Not particularly well. Let me name my closest of the close friends right now... Well, in my eyes it's only really Emilee. I don't really hang out with anyone else all that often, besides the occassional trip to the gym or Melee get together. It matters little though, because I'm not going to have time for friends between work, school, Emilee, and becoming the next white Ronnie Coleman. Speaking of which! The Mr. Olympia contest is on PPV tomorrow I believe. RC winning 7 consecutive contests... This is his 8th. Beating the old record of 7 (Held by Arnold Schwarzenegger) if he wins. How many of you can spell Schwarzenegger without any aid? Probably none of you.

Who reads this thing anymore? The only person I guarantee will comment is Emilee. This is because she loves commenting on my LJ to ensure that I don't think my update was pointless.

My lats need some serious work. I want to be able to "fly away" as Franco Columbo was told he could. Why do I work out so much? I think it has to do with the whole "You're smaller than everyone and weaker than them" thing that I've been dealing with for the majority of my life. I couldn't believe I was picked like, 4th from last for flag football senior year! It might've had to do with when I tried to stop the softball with my foot in games, followed by kicking it towards the bases during gym... It's not that I'm unathletic, I just didn't really care about winning games in gym. Except for... Pickleball and Dodgeball. Those were so fun.

Memory of the day: When I was playing flag football in gym. Ryan/Stefen/some other people were watching me because they had an open period or something. So I took this kid down with the ball, took his flag off of his little belt, and slapped him in the face with it as hard as I could. Followed by dropping it on his lap and walking away. Horgan yelled at me, but I didn't give a shit. I pwned that nub hat.

Current Mood: My nipples are like diamonds..
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
7:04 pm
Soooo... Melee?
Novermber 12 (One month from today)
HUGE tournament
Tipman wants me to come and settle the score to see who really reigns supreme between Falcon and Ganon
But I would never want to go alone... Would anyone want to come?
I'm thinking about getting a rent-a-car and driving since my Blazer would never make it and I wouldn't want to ask someone to drive unless they wanted to. :D
Maybe take a plane?! Fly?! Like birdies?! Anyway, this is a very huge tournament. I've done a mapquest, and it's a 12 hour drive.

12 hour drive for 12 hours of Melee. I'd say it's worth it's weight in gold. I'd be willing to chip in more for gas than other people. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to get lost. When I am lost, I get panicky and curl into a ball chanting "Falcon... Scared!"
It's a sad sight

Anyway, comment, discuss... I really want to go.

http://www.smashboards.com/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=212&day=2005-11-12&c=1 for more information

Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, October 10th, 2005
9:35 pm
Stop being such a pussy and go to this tournament!
So... Angelo, Jake, and Chris do not work on Saturday.
Stefen is unemployed....

Saturday also =

"I wanna start doing some monthlies here at my house too... i wanna play a little more often so i though we could start having some tourney's here... does anyone wanna come to my smasfest this time round?

2001 12th Street Apt. Number 9
Charleston Illinois 61920

$5 for sinlges
$10 per team doubles
people can start showing up anytime they want... the tourney play will probably start by 12 or so... give or take some time.
housing is fine if anyone wants to stay.
Bring some set ups.... i think i only have 1 or 2 :/.


Stefen should drive! I'll even pay you for uber gas Stefen. UBER GAS! Chris probably won't drive, Jake has no insurance, and my Camaro would suck for such a long trip. Also, the Blazer would set on fire if I tried to drive it for that long. Stefen, do you think you could drive? I've already done a mapquest, it's a 4 hour drive, which can be pretty rough depending on when you guys want to get there. Anyway, discuss via comments and we'll see if we all still want to go and whatnot depending on what everyone says.

Questions? Go here!: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=55620&page=1&pp=15

Current Mood: sore
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
11:15 pm
Guess what, nigga?
There's a Melee tournament on the 15th in Charelston IL. It's the Indiana smashers vs IL. Fuck that.
I was wondering if anyone would want to go? I was invited by the kid hosting it. I've also done a mapquest check and it's a 4 hour drive. The smashing is expected to start at 11 AM, but the actual tournament starts at 2 PM. I was thinking maybe me, Brittain, and the Slaters? If you guys are up for it, call in at work and start practicing.

This would be a great way to meet good players and get tips from them. Or tipPERS if they're Marth. Oh zing! Seriously... Fuck Marth.

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
3:23 pm
What? Update?! Sure!
I'm tired and full of food. I didn't sleep at all last night because of all of the sugar that are in my 2200 calorie shake (Dextrose, not sucrose. What's the difference? I have no idea!). So I'm very tired and have to work until midnight. Then I have court tomorrow for being in a park after dusk. Worst ticket ever.
My back is incredibly sore because of an accident at the gym. Basically I was doing calf raises and the barbell slipped off of my shoulders, gravity obviously pulled it to the ground. I was trying to do as much as I could, which was 275. So anyway, it fell to the ground and brought me with it. I was LITERALLY bent in half on the ground. I was on my shins, and my back was against my calves. My head was touching my heels. It didn't hurt very much. Then I decided to do deadlifts yesterday. That's right, "Oh fuck".
These high calorie shakes are starting to taste really really bad. I wish they had cookies n' cream flavor. All I have is "Dutch Chocolate."
So I've sold pretty much all of my games. Catlin bought my N64, DC, and all my games. I sold my PS2 to Gary, all of my PS2/Xbox/GC games to EB, and I plan to sell my Xbox to them as well. Here are the games that made the cut (All for Gamecube):

Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 4
F-Zero GX
Animal Crossing
Super Smash Brothers: Melee
X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse
Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 were a close call, but I decided to sell them.

Green Day sucks and my stomach hurts. These shakes suck super uber hard balls.
Oh, lastly... I bought a premium membership to Smashboards.com. It's really sweet. My name is green, my title is "Falcon Expert" and I'm approaching the "1,000 post" mark.

Green Day sucks. So does the majority of Slipknot, The Subliminal Verses. Fuck acoustic guitars.

Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, September 25th, 2005
8:33 pm
I want to get people to start playing HeroClix.
Would anyone want to start collecting them and start playing?
I remember Brian Fausett (sp?) and Brandon Bywater were talking to me about playing a while ago.
So... Would anyone be up for it?
It's supposed to be pretty gosu, and if you read any reviews on the game on amazon.com they're all good and talk about how much fun/how addictive it is.

Edit: This would be an excellent alternative to playing DnD all the time. Not that DnD is completely out of the picture. But the fact that I have been the DM for every campaign that I know of thusfar is discouraging. I want to solve puzzles and slay townspeople! So... Yeah. We should start playing. Think of it like X-Men Legends with a jillion more playable characters!

Current Mood: itchy
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