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Time for the inevitable update.

Ok, so... Here is an awesome conversation that took place in SnS recently between myself and a customer in drive thru:
Me: Ok, your total is *something*... Ok, thank you. Here is your Coke.
Lady: Wow... It's so big!
Me: Thank you.
Lady: ...
Me: ... I'm sorry for making this such an awkward moment...

She laughed.

I bought Murderball last night (It's first night out on DVD). Borders had one copy left and I pwned it. It's a great movie and if you don't see it within the next 10 days I'm going to punch you in the stomach. I'll be throwing random questions about the movie around on AIM, so be prepared within 10 days or suffer the consequences. Oh! And incase you didn't notice, I changed my icon to Mark Zupan because he's a super badass. He's probably one of the biggest reasons to see the movie.

Yesterday was Me/Emilee's one year and two month anniversary. Pretty sexciting. That's a hilarious typo. As Mills Lane would say, "I'll allow it." Murderball makes me want to be in a wheelchair so I can tell people to shut the fuck up when they ask me if I need help with my groceries. It really is a pretty inspiring movie.

Xbox 360... How is it, and am I going to get it? The answer: I don't know, and no. Probably not at this point since PD isn't as good as I had hoped and that was kind of the game I was really hoping would help it's launch a lot. It got really good reviews, but I just don't really care for it. I did play some Call of Duty 2 (Pwnage, anyone?) and enjoyed it. I want to play that Geometry Wars game, because I saw Emilee playing it and it looks badass. Unfortunately, I don't think they have it at Jive. I'll ask next time I'm there.

I forced Emilee to watch me play UT2k4. Thanks for making me so gosu at that game Gary/Jive Turkey! Basically I entered a TDM game with like 10 minutes left in the game, and still grabbed first place. I think she was very impressed (As most women are when you are able to pull off such an amazing feat of gosu accuracy and dodging). Gary is still better than me, but we're not very far apart that this point. I remember when Gary beat Adam, that was pretty funny. Or when Fagan beat Adam, took a screenshot, and hung it on the wall in Structured Programming. And I put up that picture of Tillerman.4k. WHAT KEN I DEW?! Oh Tillerman... Your hilarious irish accent is stunningly hilarious.

I don't know what to get for Christmas. The only thing out right now is the Xbox 360, and it's so damn expensive that I wouldn't be able to get many games for it. Suggestions would be appreciated. I'd rather not just get a stack of cards filled with money (Although I guess you can't really complain... Money's pretty sweet).

I bought Hypnotize as well. Actually Emilee bought it for me and surprised me with it. It was very kind of her... Thank you Emilee. Anyway, I'm going to do a really indepth review of the CD:

1. Attack- Really really sweet
2. Dreaming- Pretty sweet
3. Kill Rock 'n Roll- Totally awesome
4. Hypnotize- Instant Gosu, just add water
5. Stealing Society- Totally badass
6. Tentative- Infinite cool points
8. Holy Mountains- I really like this song as well
9. Vicinity of Obscenity- 2nd best song 4 teh win
10. She's Like Heroin- Hella-neat-o
11. Lonely Day- Worse than Green Day, Dashboard, Yellow Card, Prince, and Matt Damon all roled into one. This song is BAD.
12. Soldier Side- Über 1337.

There you go. That's what I call IN DEPTH. But seriously, Lonely Day is horrible.

Lastly, I've started to read House of Leaves. It's a book about a dead guy who wrote this story about a family who moved into a house that has a bigger interior than possible when examining the exterior. Example: There is a 10 foot hallway called the "five and a half minute hallway". Guess why it is called that... Yep. It takes 5.5 minutes to cross! This is all being read by a living guy who found the dead guys work, I believe. I'm still in the beginning and it's kind of tough to figure out what the hell is going on at this point. The book is cool because you have to figure certain clues and stuff out by reading the book upside down, or holding it in the mirror at specific parts. A very unique and awesome book. I'm on page 50ish right now... Out of about.... 700+? It's at least 700. Anyway, that's all for this update.

Until next time....

Keep on Tussin'in'ing...Ing.
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