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Soooo... Melee?

Novermber 12 (One month from today)
HUGE tournament
Tipman wants me to come and settle the score to see who really reigns supreme between Falcon and Ganon
But I would never want to go alone... Would anyone want to come?
I'm thinking about getting a rent-a-car and driving since my Blazer would never make it and I wouldn't want to ask someone to drive unless they wanted to. :D
Maybe take a plane?! Fly?! Like birdies?! Anyway, this is a very huge tournament. I've done a mapquest, and it's a 12 hour drive.

12 hour drive for 12 hours of Melee. I'd say it's worth it's weight in gold. I'd be willing to chip in more for gas than other people. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to get lost. When I am lost, I get panicky and curl into a ball chanting "Falcon... Scared!"
It's a sad sight

Anyway, comment, discuss... I really want to go. for more information
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yikes..thats a long ass drive
I'll go and sleep the entire way there!
It's definitely a drive.

I've done a bit of advanced math for you guys:

It's 743 miles away
Let's say we get a car with 24 MPG highway (I'd rather look for something around 32, like a Cobalt, but this is estimated).
One gallon of gas is $2.86 at the Amoco BP right next to me.

743/24= 30.958

30.958*2.86=$88.54 in gas.

A Cobalt would be about $66... Which I'd like a lot more. Plus renting the car for a day, or whatever. Anyway, I think I worked that out right... I suck at math.
Also, 12 hours does seem like a lot. I was talking to Tipman yesterday...
I told him it was a 12 hour drive for me, and I might not make it. Tipman responded with "Well, it's a 32 hour drive for me." Also, there's even a guy from Sweden who is attending a tournament in Chicago around that time, who is then traveling to MD for Bomb4. Anyway, it looks like it's going to be an awesome tournament.
did you add in the cost for renting the car for two days
"A Cobalt would be about $66... Which I'd like a lot more. Plus renting the car for a day"

I don't know how much it is to rent a car for two days, so no I didn't add it in. If you guys want to look it up, be my guest.