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What? Update?! Sure!

I'm tired and full of food. I didn't sleep at all last night because of all of the sugar that are in my 2200 calorie shake (Dextrose, not sucrose. What's the difference? I have no idea!). So I'm very tired and have to work until midnight. Then I have court tomorrow for being in a park after dusk. Worst ticket ever.
My back is incredibly sore because of an accident at the gym. Basically I was doing calf raises and the barbell slipped off of my shoulders, gravity obviously pulled it to the ground. I was trying to do as much as I could, which was 275. So anyway, it fell to the ground and brought me with it. I was LITERALLY bent in half on the ground. I was on my shins, and my back was against my calves. My head was touching my heels. It didn't hurt very much. Then I decided to do deadlifts yesterday. That's right, "Oh fuck".
These high calorie shakes are starting to taste really really bad. I wish they had cookies n' cream flavor. All I have is "Dutch Chocolate."
So I've sold pretty much all of my games. Catlin bought my N64, DC, and all my games. I sold my PS2 to Gary, all of my PS2/Xbox/GC games to EB, and I plan to sell my Xbox to them as well. Here are the games that made the cut (All for Gamecube):

Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 4
F-Zero GX
Animal Crossing
Super Smash Brothers: Melee
X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse
Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 were a close call, but I decided to sell them.

Green Day sucks and my stomach hurts. These shakes suck super uber hard balls.
Oh, lastly... I bought a premium membership to It's really sweet. My name is green, my title is "Falcon Expert" and I'm approaching the "1,000 post" mark.

Green Day sucks. So does the majority of Slipknot, The Subliminal Verses. Fuck acoustic guitars.
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